We are a young, small and dynamic law firm ready to change outdated perceptions about young lawyers hence we pride ourselves in being pioneers of change intent of fostering change, not only of mind sets and general public perception of young lawyers but the law profession in general. Hence we journeyed on this daunting task of venturing into private practice. We are here to for financial independence, serve people and to earn respect.

Mr. Nohaji, the sole director our firm, before venturing into business started his articles of clerkship at B. Nduli attorneys and thereafter moved to Tinto Du Plessis attorneys Inc. in East London. Mr. Nohaji then worked for the Road Accident Fund (RAF) also in East London for almost 2 years.

Mr. Nohaji has keen interest in Public Interest Litigation and regularly does high court public interest matters pro bono.

Being a relatively new firm most people see more bad than good, but being as passionate as we are we know very well why we ventured on this business and for what reasons.

We always, in each and everything we do, strive to see the good in every bad, always pushing the envelope, breaking bounds and setting trends. Youthfulness, ambition, drive and passion ignite us even in the darkest of times. We always strive to turn tragedy into triumph.

Our Core Values

We are firstly, in everything we do, guided by the following core values:-

  • Respect

    Respect not only of the profession but the responsibility placed in us by our clients as they are the reason for our existence.

  • Humanity

    We believe in spirit of ubuntu, as an entity that deals with people and their problems humanity is the cornerstone of all.

  • Selflessness

    Our role, duty and responsibility is and has always been servicing people we don’t let our needs or interests supersede those of our client’s.

  • Efficiency

    We are in the service of selling time and the turnaround time is of the essence and in everything we do we strive to do it timeously.

Our Mission

There is a substantial need for a new generation (unconventional) law firm that addresses the problems of the poor and the marginalized in a manner that, firstly, keeps tradition and/or custom of/in the profession but at the same time embraces change.

We at Cinga Nohaji Inc., under the tutelage of our director, keep things simple but pointedly. We understand the ancient, medieval and outdated perception of an ultimate good and experienced lawyer as being some old man, with old secretaries, with a big car and dusty cabinet files with worn out files. We, with respect, see a good lawyer as a person who, win or lose, irrespective of age and gender gives his utmost best in his client’s matter, puts his client’s interests before all else. After all that is the least expected of him.

We don’t believe in service by reputation, after all what’s in a name besides letters. We believe that experience, although an indispensible component, does not equate knowledge or knowing what to do. The ultimate yardstick used to measure the quality of an attorney should, amongst other things, be respect, humanity, selflessness, passion and efficiency.

For more information give us a call at 086 000 0349